A near thing

Cheap. Tawdry

You called?

So yeah. I hadn't weighed myself since Aug 6. A whole week + 2. But this morning, I woke to the come-hither voice of the Scalegod calling me -- and I was powerless to resist. Never mind the fact that I've only been successfully on target for 2 days running. Whatever.

Anyway, I bowed and scraped my way to the Scalegod in his annex and he said: 193.2*

And I said, "Thank you!"

If threatening myself with the prospect of not weighing in until the 22nd was what it took, that's fine with me. All I know is I get to post a small loss on the sidebar today.

It ain't pretty. But I ain't too proud to take it. :-)

And things on the Scott & Yvonne front are back to groovy, too. Not as groovy as they'll be when he gets his narrow ass home, of course, but as groovy as they get in digital airspace . . .

Can you tell I've got my Friday hat on?

And that puts me 2.3 pounds from New Fat Territory!!!

The good with the bad

Today was my first really good day in a loong time. My eating's been very uneven, but today, finally, I was entirely on track, and my water intake, too. Also today I made it to Curves. I'm still really loving it there.

I've noticed several people doing WW have mentioned a new program, or a new tweak on the Points program, and I'm watching, avidly, to find out what that means. I'm still thinking maybe I need to stop being such a "cowboy" about this, and sign up for paid support. :-) (I'm listening to Positively Fifth Street on tape, and it's either because the author is from TX or because it's about poker, but it's definitely adding to my vocabulary!)

On the bad side, I dropped Scott off at the airport this evening and he won't be back until Sunday. And I was PMSing, and although I wasn't being cranky or anything, we were still a bit "off". Not our usual big huggy send off. I hate that PMS can affect me and US so profoundly. I try to be really up front about it, and he tries to be really understanding, and most of the time that works. But he was stressed about the trip, and all the work piling up while he's out working on THIS project, and I was stressed about missing him -- it's always harder to be left, than it is to leave, don't you agree? . . . And . . . and. Yeah.

I'm sure everything will be all better when he calls. But I won't really feel better until he gets home and I can feel it. :-)

All the equal rights legislation and education in the world won't do a thing about hormones. I mean, really. At 41, I'm past trying to write it off. PMS doesn't justify homicide, but it damn well does fuck you up. I'm soooooo not looking forward to menopause!