A near thing

Monday musings . . .

I had a pretty good weekend. Didn't blow it big foodwise. Got in a 5 mile walk yesterday at the canal. (Only 5 because it was so hot and muggy it was like walking through a wet sponge . . .) And the next few days shouldn't be too difficult to stay on program.

But then it's Thursday. On Thursday I leave for Nevada, and so begins 12 days away from work, away from home, away from my routine. a.k.a. My Rut.

My beloved rut.

I can remember countless times, being on a diet, getting ready for some kind of time off situation, thinking, This time, I'm going to be really really good. This time, I'm not going to blow it . . . and I would spend the first day or so being hyperaware -- of what I was eating and what I was NOT eating -- until I got sick of spending my precious vacation DIETING and I gave it up.

Seems stupid to spend your holidays thinking about food. But it also seems stupid to keep losing and gaining the same 5 frickin' pounds and do I want to find myself 12 days from now, looking at losing it all over again?

Um, no.

At that rate, I won't hit New Fat Territory until the end of Sep-fucking-tember. If then!

This is like trench warfare.

(I'm not really sure what trench warfare entails, but that was what my dad always said in situations like this.)

On the up side, Scott's home! Yay!!! And things are, as predicted, even groovier. (I'll spare you the visuals)

It also doesn't hurt that the hormonal cloud has lifted. (Blue skies, nothin' but blue skies . . .)

Cindy, when I said that I wasn't looking forward to menopause I meant the transition to menopause. Because you're right, the end result will be, I'm sure, a relief. But the transition, from what I've seen, looks like a year or so of PMS. Can I take a sabbatical from my body? Come back when it's all readjusted and running smooth?

On the writing front -- I'm still love love LOVING the story energy I've got swirling through my brain. Some of it (eensy beensy bits, only) are even hitting the keyboard. And any time something DOES swirl out and land on the page, I am just so grateful. You know how, when you're doing something absolutely right -- your entire being vibrates, in tune with universe? The Big Yes!

That's why I miss writing. And that's what makes these tantalizing little glimpses so bittersweet. I look forward, trepidatiously, to more.

(Please note, I do not mean that what I am writing is absolutely right. Never that, babe. Revision is my middle name.)