A near thing

You win some, you win some!

I can not get over how incredible the sky is here. Huge -- clear -- and so so blue. I lived in New Mexico, once, for almost a year, and the most memorable part of that was the sun -- waking up, almost every day, to sunshine.

I expected Nevada to be similar. And it IS sunny. But the sky is what strikes me.

The way the clouds just hang there and don't seem to move. Unreal.

Anyway. We're having a great time. I haven't been obsessing over food (anymore than I would be normally) and I haven't been as bad OR as good as I could have been. In fact, the first few days I was fine and it was easy. Late Saturday/early Sunday, though, after we got back from seeing Mystere at Treasure Island (Fabulous, truly) I ate a Krispy Kreme. then we had Burger King for lunch. And last night we stayed up, playing poker and drinking mudslides. :-)

Still, I actually did manage to get in a workout at the gym here. Walked/ran on the treadmill for 35 minutes. Okay, so I was only running for 6.5 minutes of that, but wow! It was my first time on a treadmill in years, and even back when I did get on the treadmill once in a while, I never EVER ran. At all. I had a blast doing it here, though. It helps that Alyson was there with me . . . then we climbed on the bikes for another 15 minutes. Then we hit the pool. And we spent most of Saturday walking around Mt. Charleston and Red Rock Canyon so I got some exercise in there, too. Go me!

Other than that, we've just been chilling out and it feels sooooo good. I finished the book I took on the plane with me. Then I read Fluke by Christopher Moore. Christopher Moore has been a favorite author of mine, ever since Practical Demonkeeping. This one was good, too, but not in my top three for him. Now I'm reading Second Draft of My Life by Sara Lewis and I'm LOVING it. I figured I would, from everything Cindy said about it. I'm going to look for more from this author.

And now, I'm heading out to the pool to soak up some sun.

I know, it's a tough job but . . .