A near thing

Layover love

Well, we touched back down in Maryland at 12:05 this morning and I've got about 8.5 hours now before Scott and I hit the road to Maine. (Laundry, laundry and, oh yeah, LAUNDRY.)

I LOVE road trips -- and yet another thing I adore about Scott is that he does, too. We've collected the CDs we want to take, and I picked up a Grisham book on CD from the library, so we've got all that covered.

Ema loaded up her car and left for her 3rd year of college. It was weird, waving goodbye to her from here instead of loading her into my little car and taking her there. Her car is so much bigger than mine that I didn't even get to bitch about how much stuff she was taking.

What's a mom to do?

I'd be more concerned and empty-nesty if I wasn't still on VACATION. But it's hard to get too concerned about much of anything right now . . . it's a nice place to be. :-)

I was going to say something about all the recent press on diet blogs (or buttblogs, as Kat calls them -- LOL!) but I haven't tried to compose my thoughts on it -- so I'll just say I caught a teaser on Good Morning America the morning they were airing their piece and I grabbed a Diet Sunkist and control of the remote and remained glued to the set until it aired. What a charge to see my inspirations -- people I know, at least in this respect -- on TV. And I was so proud of them -- kept saying to the kidz, "I read her! I read her!"

Of course, after it was over, Anna turned to me and said, "Mom, YOU should do one of those."

And you know, I wouldn't have a problem with Anna and Ema reading this. If they ever come across it, I won't be toooo mortified. But I didn't speak up and give them the url, either. And I'm not sure why.

Like I said, more thinking to do . . . and I can't wait to catch up on all my favorite blogs when we get back.

But now, I'm off to bed and tomorrow Scott and I hit the road like Thelma and Louise -- only, with a happy ending! I told him he gets to be Susan Sarandon -- because, you know, I've got the dark hair like Gina.